Monday, January 6, 2014

Mommy and Bean Eat Clean Week 1: What "we" were doing six months ago this week and what we're doing now...

New year, new motivation to eat clean as we transition into the third trimester. At this point, what I eat is basically what baby boy Bowersock eats, and several of my reading materials suggest at this point I can actually have an impact on influencing preference and taste when it comes to food choices. So today was the official Day 1 of my and baby bean's clean eating regimen. We quasi-started yesterday but I caved and cheated a little toward the end of the day when my energy started to wane. Don't for one minute think I am dieting while with child, this is merely removing the processed foods (mostly) from our typical daily caloric intake while focusing on eating whole fruits and raw veggies as much as possible. After all, I'm still riddled with guilt from eating primarily Bojangles' fried chicken and donut holes the first three months of B3's life. I consider this evening the score since I've been eating pretty healthy throughout the second trimester. At least the months prior to conception I was eating pretty clean in an effort not only to aid fertility but also stay lean for our 6-month anniversary pictures. Oh yeah, with all this excitement about the baby, I have posted almost none of our pictures from what we were doing almost exactly six months ago: taking our 5-year anniversary pics :) Long story short, I was not entirely pleased with our original wedding pictures (we hired a rookie wedding photographer, huge mistake) so I told Tyler after our honeymoon that for our five-year I wanted to retake pictures in our wedding garb in and around Roanoke where we met. So, we did that, and here are a few pics from July 2013...

This was SUCH a great weekend and although it is not a typical choice to re-take pictures, these by no means replace the handful of good pictures from our original wedding that we DO have, especially since these pics are from in and around Roanoke (we got married outside Charlottesville, Va). Each pic has a story behind it (yes even the random racquetball photo) but that's for another post at another time :) 

ANYWAY, since most people seem more interested in what we eat to stay healthy as opposed to a sample outline of our workouts, I thought I would share some recipes I use frequently or, in today's case, discover and plan to use again as we finish out this pregnancy with healthy eating and, hopefully, a healthy delivery. Again, this is also a note-to-self for myself and future pregnancies if I need a point of reference in knowing what works and doesn't work for my body. So far so good, but today was Day 1 :)

Breakfast: "The Usual"- breakfast smoothie (I'm happy to provide this recipe if you're interested), 
Snack 1- 2 clementines
Snack 2- Small piece of vegetable quiche (no crust), 1/2 cup (approx) of homemade fruit salad
Lunch- Roanoke Natural Foods Coop Organic Quinoa Spinach salad* (recipe to follow), 3 celery sticks with PB
Snack- Banana chips
Dinner- Egg white scramble (this is my go-to dinner when Tyler's not around because it's clean, easy, and fast). I will post recipe in another blog post...

I am PUMPED that I found (and loved) this salad from the co-op. It is super yummy, healthy, clean eating, and relatively inexpensive to construct at home (it was only $3.50 at the co-op, by the way. Without further ado, I give you the co-op quinoa salad:

Co-Op Quinoa Salad:
-Organic spinach leaves
-Sliced red onion
-raw slivered almonds
-dried cranberries
-cooked quinoa
-(I added a few tbsp of feta garlic salad dressing)
Instructions: mix the ingredients above...then eat :) Gotta love salads, no cooking time nequired! 

I doubt I will be regimented enough to blog my meals daily but I will post as I think of recipes or meal ideas that I think folks may like. If you're also on a clean-eating journey, feel free to post below and share your thoughts or comment on tips and tricks you've found helpful. Happy clean eating! 

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