Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Two steps forward, one back, one forward... 31 weeks

    This will make probably the fifth time that I've opened a new blog post, started writing it, then erased it which is likely to your benefit as now I'm reduced to summarizing the last two and a half weeks or so rather than combing through all the details of weeks 30 and 31 (and technically I didn't write one for 29 so this is a three-week summary! I suck at consistent blogging!)
    Currently I'm recovering from a nasty virus, either stomach flu or norovirus. I'm pretty sure I picked it up at the gym, so thanks to whoever felt the need to push through a workout before sprinting to the bathroom only to discover you were contagious with a shitty bug (and I do mean that literally).
    This coming on the tails of my eating clean "experiment" gone awry. Here's where you benefit from me revising this post multiple times. I had several paragraphs worth of analysis regarding my attempts to keep T2's (and my) diet devoid of processed foods, but the bottom line is this: I wasn't eating enough calories and I was still working out six days/week. This was a problem. I didn't gain any weight during those three weeks. NOW DON'T PANIC- I was still going to my regular checkups with the doc and all was well with growth and heartbeat. The only number not matching up was my weight. My primary concern came into play when my one-hour fasting glucose test came back crazy low (50) and I had been experiencing bouts of fatigue/dizziness doing mundane daily tasks, even sitting at my desk at work, so my doc chalked it up to low blood sugar and not consuming enough calories.
     Let me take a moment to just say my doc is really great, super laid back, and really the perfect OB for me. He talks to me like a normal human being, and he actually acknowledged very early in my pregnancy that I would likely be more the expert when it came to exercise and pregnancy than anyone I would find in his practice, so I should listen to my body and don't do anything where I would cause blunt force trauma to my midsection. He even provided very liberal parameters for heart rate training when I was still cycling outdoors (more liberal than I was even planning to follow), so I knew this guy was good for me. So when my super laid-back doc was concerned about my blood sugar, I listened.
     About a week passed from my most recent check-up to yesterday when I contracted the plague. I'm pretty sure I had gained some weight, I could tell from my clothes anyway, and now my rings are falling off and I can see the veins around my wrists and ankles. UGH! This motivated me to make a Dunkin Donuts run, just to try and get some calories/sugar in addition to the water and gingerale diet I've been on the past 24 hours. At least today I've been functional to the point of working from home on the laptop with my trusty sidekick making sure I don't pass out. I am hoping to get to weigh myself sometime before this weekend. As of the middle of last week, I had gained 22lbs since my first appointment. This "rate" of gain still puts me on track to hit 30lbs by 40 weeks so I'm not concerned, I just need to stop and remember there are other crazy people like me out there that will go to the gym no matter what (read: lots of hand-washing!).     I can't wait for this weekend when I get to see some of my closest girlfriends, family, and family friends at my "hometown" shower. Some people say this is when it gets real... when you start collecting baby gifts and realizing two months from now you will be using things like a Diaper Genie and a baby monitor on a daily basis. For me it's still surreal just because he's not HERE yet, but I am thankful that he's very active in utero and at least through this plague has let me know he's still able to continue his gymnastics routine despite his mom's inability to keep in any food or liquids. Kudos to you ladies who have an infant or toddler with one on the way who contract a virus like this, what do you do?!?! Hire a babysitter so you can puke in privacy??? I don't even want to think about this scenario coming to pass. Pregnancy plus illness is not fun, but pregnancy plus illness while being responsible for the wellbeing of another human... OMG. I just don't even want to go there. I used to laugh when people would tell me that once you have kids you seriously reconsider partying hard because having a hangover with kids is hell on earth. Well yeah, when you put it like that, I CANNOT IMAGINE being this miserable and sick on top of having a kid or two to chase around and keep safe. Why in the hell would you do that TO YOURSELF?! I may not have more than two drinks ever again... or at least until they're able to drink with me so they will understand my self-induced misery ;)

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