Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Week 23: Caution...bump ahead!

Well it only took just under six months but I think I finally look pregnant! I recall discussing which "kind of belly" I'm going to have with some of my coworkers: the bowling ball, the round beach ball look, "the bullet", etc. Looks like I'm on my way to having myself a little bullet but who knows, there's plenty of time to form one of the other aforementioned play things. 

This post is more for my mental note that anything else, but feel free to continue reading. I can't seem to remember anything anymore these days so I'm afraid if I don't document this experience the first round, I may forget for the next round, so I'm going dear-diary for the next little bit. Don't say I didn't warn you :)

Good news: appetite is monstrous, and I'm craving HEALTHY food for a change. Such a relief. I can't tell you how guilty I felt both during and even now after my first trimester only being able to stomach all the garbage I never eat: fried food, some fast food, DONUT HOLES on the regular, you name it. All the crap I never eat is literally all I ate the first three months of our son's life. UGH I hate it... but as my doctor says, food is better than no food, and I couldn't eat much OF it, so small quantities of junk is better than large I suppose. I've been noshing on fruit, like mounds of food. If you've heard of the volumetrics diet, I feel like I'm a poster child for that way of eating. This morning, for instance, I had three clementines and an apple AFTER my fruit/protein/yogurt smoothie and piece of wheat toast. This was just breakfast. It's not abnormal for me to eat my entire dinner and then help Tyler finish his leftovers if there are any... and then of course dessert. I think psychologically I've turned to eating dessert because I can't have my after-dinner glass of wine, but whatever. If having a little ice cream will satisfy my craving for booze, so be it. 

Bad news: well, not really bad news. More like FYI- again this is a note-to-myself really. So far I've gained around 11lbs, and just this week I was not able to execute one legit pull-up. I'm happy with the fact I could eek one out up through the high 140's, but apparently 150-something is my threshold. Other FYI's: running is possible but it is seriously inconvenient due to frequent urination. I swear I can pee before I run, drink nothing while I run, and miraculously 10 minutes later I have to pee again. I guess I'm well-hydrated but I don't understand how I continue to reproduce fluid seemingly out of nowhere. I don't have this "problem" with indoor cycling or swimming (well, swimming is different, you know what I mean ;)) so naturally I'm more inclined to do the latter activities for my go-to cardio. I'm running one mile/day for the Runner's World 'Run Streak" through the holidays, but some days like today it is literally do the mile and stop.

So I started this post yesterday (Tuesday) and now today (Wednesday) I don't know what it is but I'm getting crazy dizzy spells and hormonal mood swings like WHOA. Watch the eff out. I guess, from what I've read, this is the harbinger of the third trimester but man, second trimester truly has been amazing in most every way imaginable. Speaking of which, time for more "magical" icecream :)

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