Monday, October 7, 2013

Training-for-Baby at 14 weeks!

So, Baby B has experienced quite an array of activities in his/her first several months of life. The week we found out we were expecting, for example, we went whitewater rafting. 24 hours after we found out, we went for our usual Tuesday night bike ride (around 20ish miles). In a few weeks, we will be running the Columbus 1/2 marathon in Ohio. So... Lots going on to keep the baby stimulated and give him/her a taste of our lifestyle before the official arrival. I will say, it was so fitting that as I laid on the table for our second ultrasound last week, the baby looked like he/she was literally doing crunches in utero. I'm not even kidding. The baby was stretching arms above its head and then clenching its fists and flexing/extending its legs. Baby Calisthenics!!

My first trimester was a blur of sleeping and more sleeping. I've been very blessed with little nausea and only a few bouts of vomiting, but man I've never been so tired for so long in my life, not even after the Ironman did I feel so exhausted! Food cravings: Dunkin Donut holes and pizza. The donut fetish wore off with the conclusion of the first trimester, but the pizza fetish remains strong. Ironic as it may be, my cravings have mostly been foods I almost never eat, but now that second trimester bliss has me feeling mostly back to normal self, veggies no longer taste like dirt and I can eat a salad without gagging. Thankfully I've been taking prenatal vitamins since March so hopefully the couple weeks of junk food cravings haven't had deleterious effects on Baby B. 

I'm not showing yet, so I haven't had many comments from the peanut gallery about my workout routine. However, I will share those comments with a quickness once they DO come because I do plan to continue things as usual until A- my belly grows too large to do so or B- my doctor strictly forbids it for medical reasons. I will say my doc had been fantastic and even told me his wife cycled outdoors until 28 weeks! I will not be doing THAT.. Totally insane. At 28 weeks it will be like the dead of winter for me and cycling in long sleeves and neoprene booties is for the birds on a GOOD day. No thanks. 

I do appreciate people feel compelled to "help" me by imparting what little exercise and pregnancy knowledge they have based on what they saw online or heard from a friend of a friend, but I know my body and what is safe or not for my body and now my baby. Not that I aspire to spark a national outcry like the "Crossfit squatting woman" BUT if you watch an interview with her, she will tell you the same thing. I don't get weird looks doing pull-ups and barbell incline bench press YET, but I'm sure it's coming. I'm not looking for the controversy award, but it's ridiculous to scare women out of continuing their usual workouts when it's beneficial for the baby and the mother. If I can help inspire or motivate a few expectant moms to keep up their routines, Baby B will have some workout playmates already in the making! 

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